/mu/tant radio WikiEdit

/mu/tant radio is a radio station for /mu/tants by /mu/tants. The playlist features a mix of music from the “/mu/ essentials ” list and we have /mu/tant DJs who play their own music.

Here you will find guides to help you setup to DJ and also a schedule for when DJs will be on the radio.


Weekly ScheduleEdit

If you would like to scheule a weekly show edit this section to add your name to the schedule along with the time.

(disclaimer: this actually isnt accurate anymore there are no weekly shows except for tide but i feel like someone will yell at me if i just straight up remove this part of the wiki) (good thinking)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Gray_Blob (12AM EST)

BobbyBoulders (9PM EST)



horsewallerfats (10PM EST)

VaporDolls (4PM EST)

BobbyBoulders (9PM EST)

P_trips (6PM EST)

Dark Alley (8PM EST)

tide (10 PM EST)


The playlist is a bot that plays music and takes requests when there aren't any DJs on the stream. You can make a request every 6 minutes on the request page . Tracks can be requested once every 7 days. Requests are disabled when a DJ is on the stream. If you want to request a song during a DJ show you will have to contact the DJ directly. It is totally up to the DJ that is on if they wish to take requests or not. You can upload music to the playlist using the upload page


Join the IRC channel on Rizon. #/mu/radio

Channel stats

DicklickBOT is the channel's main bot for displaying info about the radio station, the latest earthquakes and latest Pitchfork reviews. Here are some of the commands.

Command Effect
!radio Shows the current song and listener count
!thread Shows the thread (if specified)
!dj Shows the current DJ
!topic Change the topic of the channel (OPs ONLY)