Tune in linkEdit

Here is the link you need to tune in to the station with your own media player.

This should work in pretty much any media player.


Believe it or not you CAN scrobble /mu/tant radio! Here's how:


Download foo_autoscrobbler  and install. Then enable “Submit tracks from dynamic sources” in your scrobbler preferences.


MusicBee has a very nice built in integration already in place. Just enable scrobbling and scrobble tracks on the stream settings. See here .

Everyone else

Use Universal Scrobbler . Login and select “Another User” and search for “mutant_radio”.

Web PlayerEdit

Use our HTML5 based pop out web player . (Uses a flash backup if your browser doesn't support HTML5)

Mobile DeviceEdit

You can even stream /mu/tant radio on the go! Here's how:

Android users

Download the Xiia Live radio app and add the listen link to your favorites.

Everyone else

Download the TuneIn radio app and search for /mu/tant radio.